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Does anyone know of a feed for determining what time it gets light and dark based on post code or longitude latitude coordinates. We need it for use in a booking system to avoid bookings after dark.

Any ideas?


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Odd booking system. Anyway, the BBC weather feed gives you sunset and sunrise times. Its in RSS.

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The Vampire Inn perhaps? –  Steve Wellens Jul 6 '11 at 11:33

You can use EarthTools Sunrise and Sunset Times webservice to get sunrise/sunset times and calculate daylight with them (XML format):


Sunrise and sunset times are calculated using a PHP script using formulae from www.srrb.noaa.gov. There might be errors when using latitudes which are close to the poles.

As @Tomasz wrote another way is to use local computation. For example there is easy to use LuckyCat Labs Sunrise/Sunset Java Library for Java (RubySunrise Gem for Ruby is also available).

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There are plenty of resources over the Internet:

You don't need a web-service, this is a matter of moderately complicated program (earth is more or less just a spinning ball) which you can run locally.

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