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I'm trying to remove all my console.log, console.dir etc. from my JS file before minifying it with YUI (on osx).

The regex I got for the console statements looks like this:


and it works if I test it with the RegExr. But it won't work with sed.

What do I have to change to get this working?

sed 's/___???___//g' <$RESULT >$RESULT_STRIPPED


After getting the first answer I tried

sed 's/console.log(.*)\;//g' <test.js >result.js

and this works, but when I add an OR

sed 's/console.\(log\|dir\)(.*)\;//g' <test.js >result.js

it doesn't replace the "logs":

terminal screenshot

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Your original expression looks fine. You just need to pass the -E flag to sed, for extended regular expressions:

sed -E 's/console.(log|debug|info|...|count)\((.*)\);?//g'

The difference between these types of regular expressions is explained in man re_format. To be honest I have never read that page, but instead simply tack on an -E when things don't work as expected. =)

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this works great for me (under osx). thanks – pkyeck Jul 6 '11 at 17:51
Your my best friend now! console.(log|debug|info|count)\((.*)\);? in sublime safely cleaned 2k lines. no more ugly logs :-) – codenamejames Sep 26 '14 at 18:23

You must escape ( (for grouping) and | (for oring) in sed's regex syntax. E.g.:

sed 's/console.\(log\|debug\|info\|warn\|error\|assert\|dir\|dirxml\|trace\|group\|groupEnd\|time\|timeEnd\|profile\|profileEnd\|count\)(.*);\?//g'

UPDATE example:

$ sed 's/console.\(log\|debug\|info\|warn\|error\|assert\|dir\|dirxml\|trace\|group\|groupEnd\|time\|timeEnd\|profile\|profileEnd\|count\)(.*);\?//g'
console.log # <- input line, not matches, no replacement printed on next line
console.log() # <- input line, matches, no printing

console.log(blabla); # <- input line, matches, no printing

console.log(blabla) # <- input line, matches, no printing

console.debug();  # <- input line, matches, no printing

console.debug(BAZINGA)  # <- input line, matches, no printing

DATA; DATA2 # <- input line, matches, printing of expected data


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mmm, doesn't work for :( – pkyeck Jul 6 '11 at 12:12
What you had tried as a second solution is searching for console. then any of log OR dir then a pair of () with our without any character within (e.g. () and (((((() are valid matches) then a ;. – Zsolt Botykai Jul 6 '11 at 12:28
add screenshot above ... still not working on osx – pkyeck Jul 6 '11 at 12:49
You should have had added that you are on OSX earlier... OSX sed != GNU sed. See the answer by Martin. – Zsolt Botykai Jul 6 '11 at 17:51
sorry, for that ... didn't know about the differences + added the osx part with the first update – pkyeck Jul 7 '11 at 8:53

I also find the way to remove all the console.log , and i am trying to use python to do this, but i find the Regex is not work for. my writing like this:

var re=/^console.log(.*);?$/;

but it will match the following string:


does it work? with the


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I try this:

sed -E 's/console.(log|debug|info)( ?| +)\([^;]*\);//g'

See the test: Regex Tester

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I was feeling lazy and hoping to find a script to copy & paste. Alas there wasn't one, so for the lazy like me, here is mine. It goes in a file named something like '' in the same directory as the files to minify. It will overwrite the original file and it needs to be executable.


for f in *.js
    sed -Ei 's/console.(log|debug|info)\((.*)\);?//g' $f
    yui-compressor $f -o $f
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I'd just like to add here that I was running into issues with namespaced console.logs such as window.console.log. Also Tweenmax.js has some interesting uses of console.log in some parts such as


So I used this

  sed -i.bak s/[^\&a-zA-Z0-9\.]console.log\(/\\/\\//g js/combined.js

The regex effectively says replace all console.logs that don't start with &, alphanumerics, and . with a '//' comment, which uglify later takes out.

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Here's my implementation

for i in $(find ./dir -name "*.js")

sed -E 's/console\.(log|warn|error|assert..timeEnd)\((.*)\);?//g' $i > ${i}.copy && mv ${i}.copy $i


took the sed thing from github

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Rodrigocorsi's works with nested parentheses. I added a ? after the ; because yuicompressor was omitting some semicolons.

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