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I have a big ModelVisual3D (e.g. car) which is divided into many smaller GeometryModel3D objects (e.g. tyres, seats, wheels, etc.).

I would like to hit test the ModelVisual3D when the mouse is clicked and determine which GeometryModel3D was hit. I can hit test my car (the ModelVisual3D) but cannot determine which part of the car (the GeometryModel3D objects) was clicked.

Does anybody have an idea how I can determine the exact part of my model when handling a MouseLeftButtonDown event (or any other Mouse event)?

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Have a look at http://www.kindohm.com/technical/ComplexVisuals.htm - I believe the mechanisms explained there will help.

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This blog post shows how to do ray testing with the framework:


The result in the callback has detail on the intersected mesh from which you can get the specific part of the mesh which was intersected.

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