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I'm developing an app that will control the volume of up to eight music tracks simultaneously. One use-case is the dj action of mixing two tracks by fading-out Track1 and fading-in Track2 at the same time.

Given the above, I created an Activity with two SeekBar instances and onProgressChanged(...) event implemented. Now, my issue arises! I cannot control the two SeekBars simultaneously. I can only act over one at a time.

Looking at multi-touch documentation for Android platform, I can only get frightened by its complexity. And looking at the code makes me believe the solutions does not lie, at least directly, there.

Any ideas?

Thanks, PP

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OK. So, after further research on how to handle multi-touch events and following Damian's tip, I've got to the point where I intercept all touch events in order to determine if each pointer (in this case, a finger) is sliding on a set of pre-determined SeekBar instances, vol1 and vol2.

Here's goes the code to put on your Activity:

public boolean dispatchTouchEvent (MotionEvent ev)
    Rect sb1Rect = new Rect();
    Rect sb2Rect = new Rect();

    for (int i = 0; i < ev.getPointerCount(); i++) {
        int pId = ev.getPointerId(i);
        int coordX = (int) ev.getX(i);
        int coordY = (int) ev.getY(i);

        if(sb1Rect.contains(coordX, coordY)) {
            Log.d(TAG, "[PID=" + pId + "] -> SeekBar 1 -> x:" + coordX + ", y:" + coordY);
        } else if (sb2Rect.contains(coordX, coordY)) {
            Log.d(TAG, "[PID=" + pId + "] -> SeekBar 2 -> x:" + coordX + ", y:" + coordY);

    LinearLayout l =(LinearLayout) this.findViewById(R.id.linearLayout1);

    return true;

Now, I need only to calculate the value of each touched SeekBar based on its relative X coordinate (not the absolute which is related to the entire Activity) and set the progress value accordingly (.setProgress(int value)).

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I created more generic solution: bitbucket.org/damiankolakowski/djdispatcher –  Damian Kołakowski Jul 7 '11 at 18:07

Build a parent/layout which will dispatch multi-touch events as a separated events to appropriate children.

//EDIT http://androiddev.vipserv.org/wordpress/?p=112

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Dear Damian, would you be willing to provide me a simple example or some pseudo-code, please? Thanks, PP –  Paulo Pires Jul 6 '11 at 11:42

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