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Part of my app's functionality is to scan and display a list of WiFi access points, and then connect to the one chosen by the user. I have this functionality working. Now, I also wish to be notified when the connection "goes through". This should be fairly simple, but I find myself stumbling.

I have read through various posts here at SO, and they all mention registering for WifiManager.SUPPLICANT_CONNECTION_CHANGE_ACTION or WifiManager.WIFI_STATE_CHANGED_ACTION. However, neither of these works for me. Can anyone spot any mistake in this code? (I am leaving out the parts which do the scan and stuff)

Expected behavior: As soon as the connection is successful (i.e, when I see the "connected" icon on the notification bar), the broadcast should be received and I should see the toast.

Observed behavior: The broadcast is received when the app first starts, and whenever I switch back to it (i.e, whenever onResume() is called; or I suspect, whenever I register for the intent)

public class WifiScanActivity extends Activity {

    WifiManager mainWifi;
    WifiReceiver mWifiReceiver;
    IntentFilter mIntentFilter;
    private final static String TAG = "WifiScanActivity";
    public static final String INTENT_FOR_WIFI_CONNECTED =
    // public static final String INTENT_FOR_WIFI_CONNECTED =

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        mainWifi = (WifiManager) getSystemService(Context.WIFI_SERVICE);
        mWifiReceiver = new WifiReceiver();
        mIntentFilter = new IntentFilter();
        registerReceiver(mWifiReceiver, mIntentFilter);

    protected void onPause() {

    protected void onResume() {
        registerReceiver(mWifiReceiver, mIntentFilter);

    class WifiReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver {

        public void onReceive(Context c, Intent intent) {
                "In WifiReceiver: Broadcast Received = " + intent.getAction());
            if (WifiManager.SCAN_RESULTS_AVAILABLE_ACTION.equals(intent
                .getAction())) {
                // Display the ListView and connect to the selected AP
            } else if (INTENT_FOR_WIFI_CONNECTED.equals(intent.getAction())) {
                if (WifiManager.WIFI_STATE_ENABLED == intent.getIntExtra(
                    WifiManager.EXTRA_WIFI_STATE, 0)) {
                /*if(true == intent.getBooleanExtra(
                 * WifiManager.EXTRA_SUPPLICANT_CONNECTED, false)){
                 *  displayNetworkInfo();

    private void displayNetworkInfo() {
        WifiInfo wifiInfo = mainWifi.getConnectionInfo();
        String ssid = wifiInfo.getSSID();
        int ip = wifiInfo.getIpAddress();
        String message = "Connection established.\nSSID = " + ssid
            + "; IP Address = " + Helper.displayIpAddress(ip);
        Log.d(TAG, message);
        Toast.makeText(this, message, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

If I uncomment the code for WifiManager.SUPPLICANT_CONNECTION_CHANGE_ACTION, I don't see the broadcast being received at all.

Note: I know that the connection is successful because I see the status in Android's wifi settings screen.

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Ok, I figured it out. It turns out I was registering for the wrong intent. I should be using WifiManager.NETWORK_STATE_CHANGED_ACTION.

Here are the snippets of relevant portions of code:

mIntentFilter.addAction(WifiManager.SCAN_RESULTS_AVAILABLE_ACTION) ;

public void onReceive(Context c, Intent intent) {

if (WifiManager.NETWORK_STATE_CHANGED_ACTION.equals(intent.getAction())) {

    NetworkInfo nwInfo = intent.getParcelableExtra(WifiManager.EXTRA_NETWORK_INFO);
    if(NetworkInfo.State.CONNECTED.equals(nwInfo.getState())){//This implies the WiFi connection is through
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To get the broadcast after status is being changed see this

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The article you linked to shows how to receive broadcast when scan results are available. My app is already doing that successfully. What I need is to get a broadcast as soon as the WiFi connection to an access point is successful. I did not see anything related to this in the article. – curioustechizen Jul 6 '11 at 11:57

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