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I have very strange problem. Using selenium I am writing simple web-bot tring to fill page with data, submit theam and harvest results.

I fill all the forms with no problems at all, but than I have to first enter the ZIP code, than click somewhere else for AJAX to list all the posibilities, than select propriate option (I want to always select the first one).

But my problem is, I simply can´t select it. I fill the ZIP, click the option list itself, wait to "please select" message to get lost (by this time my choice should be there) and than selecting it. I tried option.click(), I tried selectByVisibleText(),even deprecated setSelected(). Everytime nothing happens. All I see in FF is drop-downed list of option, with first beeing marked, but thats all. I tried many ways, with no luck at all.

There is my last-attempt code:

ZIPCode = driver.findElement(By.id("formparam_data2_zip")); //get and fill ZIP
address = driver.findElement(By.name("formparam_data2_zip_id")); // click to fire AJAX
(new WebDriverWait(driver, 20)).until(new ExpectedCondition<Boolean>() { 
public Boolean apply(WebDriver d) {                    // wait until AJAX shows results
WebElement elm = d.findElement(By.id("formparam_data2_zip_id"));
List<WebElement> options = elm.findElements(By.tagName("option"));
for(WebElement w : options){
if(w.getText() != "Prosím, vyberte."){
return true;
return false;
List<WebElement> options = address.findElements(By.tagName("option"));   
options.get(0).click(); // click first option - ! this failes  !
phaseTwoBtn = driver.findElement(By.id("formparam_data2_next")); // than submit...
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Please take a look at this thread...

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Thanks, but I am able to get all option values, even mark them, all I can´t do is actually selecting them to become the choosen option... –  Jan Tobola Jul 6 '11 at 12:43

try this

if(!w.getText().equals("Prosím, vyberte.")){ return true; }

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Thanks but no change ... –  Jan Tobola Jul 6 '11 at 12:29

Using key board keys we can solve this problem in selenium webdriver .Code for the above example,ZIPCode.sendkeys (ZIP);ZIPCode.sendkeys (Keys.Tab); ZIPCode.sendkeys (Keys.Return);

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I had a similar problem and had better results using the Actions class and then making sure to use the moveToElement() method before clicking on it.

Actions builder = new Actions(d);


The moveToElement method makes sure the element is in the visible window

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