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I want to do whatever is written here

Ensure that your 404 template works

Note that the FlatpageFallbackMiddleware only steps in once another view has successfully produced a 404 response. If another view or middleware class attempts to produce a 404 but ends up raising an exception instead (such as a TemplateDoesNotExist exception if your site does not have an appropriate template to use for HTTP 404 responses), the response will become an HTTP 500 (“Internal Server Error”) and the FlatpageFallbackMiddleware will not attempt to serve a flat page.

Can anyone tell me what thing i need to do for making the 404 template

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-1 for not reading docs or using google – Michael Lowman Jul 6 '11 at 12:20
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Follow the advice in the tutorial on setting up 404 handling.

In particular, presuming you are not going to write your own 404 view, this advice is important:

If DEBUG is set to False (in your settings module) and if you didn't create a 404.html file, an Http500 is raised instead. So remember to create a 404.html.

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I'm having a trouble with this :(... If I set Debug to False, I cant get satic files uploaded by users but if I set Debug to True, I can get 404 or 500 templates. – Andrés Quiroga Aug 3 '15 at 22:10
The problem with static files can be overridden by using --insecure option (I assume you are using runserver command) : – fanny Mar 2 at 11:16

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