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This code source don't compile, Is there a way to make that in OPA ?

type User = { nom : string ; prenom : string }
un_user = { nom = "My_name" ; prenom = "My_last_name" } : User
champ = "nom"
do jlog(un_user.`champ`)
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Runtime magic is possible in Opa, using the OpaValue module which contains feature for runtime introspection of values (not type safe)!/value_stdlib.core.OpaValue.Record

But this is not for casual user, and a very dangerous coding style. It is often a need coming from code written in a coding style corresponding to scripts and runtime evaluated language.

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I'm not sure what you're trying to do... if to print the nom field of un_user then you can do:

do jlog(un_user.nom)

if you really want to access record field with a dynamic name, then this cannot be done in Opa (AFAIK).

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