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You can set the title of a plot device window with

windows(title = "The title")
#or equivalently
x11(title = "The title")

How you retrieve the title from a plot device window?

names(dev.cur()), attributes(dev.cur()), str(dev.cur()) and unclass(dev.cur()) don't reveal anything useful.

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I am not trying to be smart or anything, but cant you just plotname="The title"; windows(title = plotname); plotname – Seth Jul 6 '11 at 17:37
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It shouldn't be possible from device properties cause it's window property.

Under windows you could try mess with names(getWindowsHandles()) which gives me:

> names(getWindowsHandles())
[1] "R Console"
[2] "The title (ACTIVE)"
[3] "R Information"

E.g. for active device grep("\\(ACTIVE\\)$", names(getWindowsHandles()), value=TRUE) return the title.

It was easier than I thought:

getTitle <- function(dev=dev.cur()) {
    all_pointers <- getWindowsHandles(which="R", minimized=TRUE)
    all_pointers <- sapply(all_pointers, deparse)
    to_find <- deparse(getWindowsHandle(dev))
    if (to_find=="NULL") {
        warning("Device not found")
    } else {

Now some tests:

> getTitle()
Warning in getTitle() : Device not found
> windows(title="Test window one")
> getTitle()
[1] "Test window one (ACTIVE)"
> getTitle(3)
Warning in getTitle(3) : Device not found
> windows(title="Test window two")
> windows(title="Test window three")
> sapply(dev.list(), getTitle)
                     windows                      windows                      windows 
"Test window one (inactive)" "Test window two (inactive)" "Test window three (ACTIVE)" 
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Bravo! This is just what I wanted. – Richie Cotton Jul 7 '11 at 11:18

You could do that, but that approach would get cumbersome when dealing with multiple plots. I suspect Richie is more interested in how/where R stores the title information once you send it to the graphics device—as am I.

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