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I am facing a minor bug when doing the conversion from plain text to HTML. What might be the reason for this?

Input: (plain-text)

this is test input.

Output: (virtual plain-text but HTML)

   this is test input.

BUG: Moves one or two spaces forward. I have no clue why is this happening.

Code for your reference

string Text = "<html><body><pre style=\"font-family:consolas;font-size:88%;\">" 
    + mailItem.Body + "</pre></body></html>";

mailItem.HTMLBody = Text;          
mailItem.HTMLBody = Regex.Replace(mailItem.HTMLBody, 
    "(ASA[a-z][a-z][0-9][0-9])", "<a href=\"http://stack.com/eg=$&\">$&</a>");
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I tested the following, and it works (eg. no spaces at beginning of output):

string mailItemBody = "ASAss87";
string oldText = "<html><body><pre style=\"font-family:consolas;font-size:88%;\">"
    + mailItemBody + "</pre></body></html>";

string newText = Regex.Replace(
    oldText, "(ASA[a-z][a-z][0-9][0-9])", "<a href=\"http://stack.com/eg=$&\">$&</a>");

Console.WriteLine("Old text is: \n\n" + oldText + "\n\n");
Console.WriteLine("New text is: \n\n" + newText + "\n\n");

I would investigate the class used to instantiate mailItem, and review at the HTMLBody property to see if anything funny is happening there.

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