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I am trying to extends the AbstractImagePrototype as below:

public class DynamicImagePrototype extends AbstractImagePrototype { private String imagePath = null;

public DynamicImagePrototype (String imagePath) {
    this.imagePath = imagePath;

public void applyTo(Image image) 


public Image createImage() {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    Image image = new Image(imagePath);

    return image;

public String getHTML() {
    return null;


I used it as below:

item = new Button() DynamicImagePrototype image = new DynamicImagePrototype("C:/temp/icons/reporting.gif"); item.setIcon(image);

However, it throw an exception.

My goal is that given an image file name, I want to return an AbstractImagePrototype so I can pass to Button.setIcon();

Thank you greatly for help!

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If its just to set an icon on a button use the IconHelper.create() no need to implement your own version.. is there any other requirement thats missing? –  AbstractChaos Jul 7 '11 at 8:23

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Your class should be like this:

public interface ReefDesktopIconShortcuts extends ClientBundle {

public static final ReefDesktopIconShortcuts INSTANCE = (ReefDesktopIconShortcuts) GWT.create(ReefDesktopIconShortcuts.class);

public ImageResource anImage();

Just call this line:

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So far, I have not found an answer for getting the AbstractImagePrototype dynamically yet. I have to use static deferred binding as below:

public interface ReefDesktopIconsShortcuts
extends ImageBundle
   AbstractImagePrototype anImage();

In the directory where this interface resides, I have an image named "anImage.gif".


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