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I am working to process Exchange emails and figure out when an e-mail was read. I believe this information can be obtained using one of the MAPI Properties (PR_LAST_MODIFICATION_TIME).

Can someone help me to get this property value using EWS Java API? I could find equivalent samples for C# but not for Java.

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Isn't EWS Managed API the same for C# and for Java? Item class has property LastModifiedTime and you can use it with all objects of classes derived from Item so I really do not see what you having problem with.

Sample code:

Item item = Item.Bind(service, itemId);
if(item.LastModifiedTime > lastCheckTime)
    ProcessItem(item); //here you put your code of course
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Thanks grapkulec –  br00ta1 Jul 8 '11 at 17:21

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