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I have some questions on deploying wcf web services on IIS 7:

  1. I don't configure any endpoint or service in my *.cfg file, i enable only metadata and includeExceptionInFaults, but services are working properly on local server, when i debug application local IIS server some choose the port, endpoints. The questions is: will work web services without concrete configuration of endpoints / services, and this approach is good?

  2. How to deploy application on a remote IIS 7 server?

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  1. Yes. Without a endpoint configured, a WCF service is self sufficient to work. It will by default use basicHttpBinding and the address based on where you place in IIS. Refer to Default end point of WCF service for more detail.

  2. For hosting in IIS, you can find a detailed walkthough in How to: Host a WCF Service in IIS

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