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I'm trying to reload my grid after modifying a cell but I get this error message: "Error in ajax request".

Here's my function:

afterSaveCell: function(rowid, name, val, iRow, iCol){  
    //... do some stuff ...  
    //save cell in the database  
    //... some more stuff ...  

This grid is built on the server (I know my columns only at runtime), so I'm thinking that I should fire the hole $.ajax() function (in which all the grid definition is). Is this right? How can I do it?

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Can you use firebug or chrome dev tools to monitor xhr requests? 1) Does a request get fired when you save the grid? 2) If so, can you copy and paste the request in a browser tab (non-ajax) and get a valid result? –  Jody Jul 6 '11 at 17:12
@Jody 1) yes 2) Yes, if by a valid result you mean to see the hole page. I'm using a .net webmethod, the url is Page.aspx/get_json_data?id=someId –  epzee Jul 6 '11 at 17:39
If you are seeing the entire page, could it be that jqgrid is expecting a json string instead? I suppose your Page.aspx could be determining to only send back a json response if the request is XHR, but from the name of the script I would think not. –  Jody Jul 6 '11 at 17:48
@Jody I see where you're going but the grid is working when I update a cell (I see the updated value in the grid and the database). The problem only occurs when I try to trigger the reloadGrid function inside the afterSaveCell function. Perhaps this its not a place to trigger the reload. I need a full reload to get some columns with calculated values from the db. –  epzee Jul 6 '11 at 18:02

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I didn't find a way of doing this. So I did the ajax request (which saves the values in the database) inside the afterSubmitCell event and then calculate the rest of the fields inside afterSaveCell (using javascript and a lot of getCell and setCell calls).

In fact this ended up being a better way of doing this since the user doesn't have to wait more than 1 second to see the updated values. Also the documentation of the afterSaveCell event says:

Applies only to a cell that is editable; this event fires after the cell has been successfully saved. This is the ideal place to change other content.

The downside of going this way is that I have duplicated logic to calculate some columns of the grid (server-side in C# and client-side in javascript)

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