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I am using Jquery 1.6.2.

This works:

    function(data) {

but this does not:


Both remote files look identical:




however the alert message never gets fired on the second example.

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The text file doesn't provide a callback function like the other link does. jQuery isn't actually calling http://b.webvm.net/?jsoncallback=? but instead something like http://b.webvm.net/?jsoncallback=jQuery2239203480932480392849032809 which then in turn calls that function within your script:

jQuery2239203480932480392849032809({"name" : "hello world"});

The textfile on the other hand, doesn't call any function even when jQuery adds the callback function http://isp123.co.uk/cw/NorthWales/test.txt?jsoncallback=jQuery2239203480932480392849032809 returns

({"name" : "hello world"});

To solve this, you can use the jsonpCallback parameter in your ajax request to force jQuery to use a static function, which you would then wrap your json in.

For example if you set jsonpCallback to "mycallback", then your text file should return:

mycallback({"name" : "hello world"});
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I notice that the first example is being returned with the mime type "text/html" and the second is being returned with "text/plain". Your browser may not interpret the "text/plain" mime type correctly. Try returning the second one back as text/html or application/json

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