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How can I upload a single file (ex.sample.jpg) in more than one folder (ex. folder1 and folder2) using php

I tried using for loop but it wont work its move the file (sample.jpg) to the first folder (folder1) only, while moving the same file to the second folder (folder2) it throws an error

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You can create a copy of the before moving it to the first directory, then move the copy into the second directory.

Use the copy() function to copy the file.

Your code should look something like this -

$firstDestination = "path/to/your/firstDirectory/" . $_FILES['userfile']['name'];
$secondDestination = "path/to/your/secondDirectory/";

move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], $firstDestination );
copy($firstDestination, $secondDestination);
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try to copy the file, like this:

move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], 'folder1/ex.sample.jpg');
copy('folder1/ex.sample.jpg', 'folder2/ex.sample.jpg');
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After you move the file the first time, you will then need to copy it from the new location into the other locations.

$fileDestination = '/my/path';
$newDestination = '/my/other/path';
move_uploaded_file($_FILES['upload']['tmp_name'], $destination);
copy($destination, $newDestination);
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Do you have a small coding example/sample?

You will likely need to move it to the first folder, then copy it to subsequent folders.

If you're using move_uploaded_file(), it moves, not copies, so once you call it the first time it no longer exists in it's original location.


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