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I installed clojure and clojure contrib manually, through homebrew and mac ports all of them gives me this error. I can get other parts to work. What gives?

edit this question seems similar Can not get clojure-contrib to load - FileNotFoundException However i can load some parts, and i install through ports/brew so the versions should be in sync

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It's better to use clojure & clojure-contrib not directly, but through some project, for example, managed by leiningen - it will fetch correct versions of clojure & clojure-contrib, plus some other dependencies that you're specify. You can also look onto my Lein introduction article on this topic

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Well I couldn't make it work through fiddling with jars or using macport or homebrew. But leiningen solved the problem for me. To see the solution i came up with see: https://github.com/khebbie/PET also this article helped a lot: http://pragprog.com/magazines/2011-07/create-unix-services-with-clojure

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