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I have the following syntax in my code, but it is not working when I am trying to use the LIKE operator in JDBC. It works fine in this way, when it is just equal:

ResultSet resultSet = statement.executeQuery("SELECT * 
                                                FROM drawings 
                                               WHERE name = '"+ DT +"'");

But if I want to use the LIKE operator to search as a wildcard, I keep getting the error saying that "%" is not a valid character. How I can correctly use the LIKE operator?

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Please don't tell me you are executing queries from your JSP page. – Jacob Jul 6 '11 at 16:38
What does your LIKE query look like? – Marc B Jul 6 '11 at 16:41
query=("SELECT * FROM drawings WHERE name LIKE '"%DT%"'"); – Sheeyla Jul 6 '11 at 16:44
I know it is wrong, but I have tried to search for examples, but I cannot find anything.... I know I should not be executing queries a JSP page, but this is the way programming is done in the company I work for... I do apologise if you consider a bad practice, but I this stage, I just need some help... thanks – Sheeyla Jul 6 '11 at 16:45
I posted an answer. But once again, this is not a JSP problem. Writing Java/JDBC code in a JSP file instead of a Java class and having problems with Java/JDBC code doesn't make it a JSP problem. So I removed the JSP references/tags from your question. Once you've problems with for example JSP lifecycle, tags and/or EL, then we can speak of a JSP problem. – BalusC Jul 6 '11 at 17:28
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From the comments:

query=("SELECT * FROM drawings WHERE name LIKE '"%DT%"'");

This does not compile. Assuming that DT is a variable, then it should rather look like

query = "SELECT * FROM drawings WHERE name LIKE '%" + DT + "%'";

(pay attention to the syntax highlighting, the % has to be part of the SQL string!)

However, concatenating user-controlled string variables like that in a SQL query puts doors wide open for successful SQL injection attacks. Learn how to use PreparedStatement and use it instead.

String sql = "SELECT * FROM drawings WHERE name LIKE ?";
// ...
preparedStatement = connection.prepareStatement(sql);
preparedStatement.setString(1, "%" + DT + "%");
resultSet = preparedStatement.executeQuery();
// ...
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Many thanks Balus... now I understood your comment about the JSP... I would definitely take this into account and avoid using the wrong tags on my questions... many thanks again, your answer solved a problem I had for 2 days, and I am implementing preparedStatement also. Regards – Sheeyla Jul 6 '11 at 18:26

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