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I need to install Flash player with my application MSI. So I did these steps:

  1. Go to Launch conditions editor.
  2. Right click Search target machine.
  3. Add registry search
  4. In the property window of the registry search I wrote:
    • RegKey - SOFTWARE\Macromedia\FlashPlayer\CurrentVersion
    • Root - vsdrrHKLM
    • Value - 10,3,181,34
  5. Right click Lauch conditions
  6. Add Launch condition
  7. In the property window of the condition I set:
    • Contidion - FLASHPLAYERREGISTRYVALUE (the search registry property name)
    • InstallUrl - Flash player installation url
    • Message - ...

The installer returns false all the time. I mean it says no flash player installed although the key allready exists in the registry and it tries to install Flash player .

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To install other software with your package you can use prerequisites. Here is a discussion which may help you: Adding Custom prerequsites to visual studio setup project

A better detection criteria is checking the version for this file:

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I think you should rather use:

  • RegKey - SOFTWARE\Macromedia\FlashPlayer
  • Root - HKLM
  • Value - CurrentVersion

then the FLASHPLAYERREGISTRYVALUE should resolve to "10,3,181,34" which is the contents of "CurrentVersion" registry value in your case.

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