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I'm having performance issues related to touches being delivered with latency, thus making it unresponsive. The app contains lots of UIScrollViews, but only a couple are on the display list at once. Adding more scroll views makes latency worse, removing them makes it better.

Problems goes away if I convert the scroll views to plain old UIView. Setting scrollEnabled=NO doesn't help, which is I guessed it should.

I traced with Instruments time profiler (image below) and UIScrollView is the culprit. Also it seems NSNotificationCenter is involved.

Again: the scroll views aren't even on the display tree! I might have hundreds of UIScrollViews in an array in memory, but those guys still affects performance.

Any ideas what to do about this?

Scrollviews getting all the  action

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Set delaysContentTouches to NO on your scrollviews and see if the problem improves or disappears.

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No, sorry it didn't make any difference. – Martin Wickman Jul 7 '11 at 7:36

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