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I have created a stored procedure in mysql

 CREATE PROCEDURE simpleproc ()

     SELECT YEAR(dtm), 
       INTO OUTFILE '/appdata/reports01/result.csv'  
            FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' 
            OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY '"'    
            LINES TERMINATED BY '\n'  
       FROM tbla a 
       JOIN tblb b ON b.x_id = a.x_id 
      WHERE plan_grp_id IN (10031, 10034) 
        AND dtm > '20110101' 
   GROUP BY YEAR(dtm), WEEK(dtm), a.x_id;

  END //

delimiter ;

I need to do two things

  1. INTO OUTFILE '/appdata/reports01/result.csv' must be like "INTO OUTFILE '/appdata/reports01/result-current-timestamp.csv'
  2. dtm > '20110101' must be dtm > CURDATE() + 0 .



...gets me the format '20110101', but I can't use that in the query like dtm > CURDATE() + 0

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Not sure about the file name. As for the second 'thing', what type is dtm? Did you try simply dtm > CURDATE()? – Andriy M Jul 6 '11 at 20:07
yeah.. I tried but it dosent work for some reason. I found a work around for this.. dtm > (SELECT CURDATE() + 0 ). but cant get the filename timestamp.. – Gokul Jul 6 '11 at 20:14
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Use variables.

DECLARE outfile_name varchar(300);

Get the current timestamp and append it to the remaining part of the string. Use INTO keyword to get the output of the SELECT statement into a variable. Use CONCAT() for concatinating 2 strings.

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