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i am new to hadoop map reduce framework, and I am thinking of using hadoop map reduce to parse my data. I have thousands of big delimited files for which I am thinking of writing a map reduce job to parse those files and load them into hive datawarehouse. I have written a parser in perl which can parse those files. But I am stuck at doing the same with Hadoop map reduce

For example: I have a file like x=a y=b z=c..... x=p y=q z=s..... x=1 z=2 .... and so on

Now I have to load this file as columns (x,y,z) in hive table, but I am not able to figure out can I proceed with it. Any guidance with this would be really helpful.

Another problem in doing this is there are some files where the field y is missing. I have to include that condition in the map reduce job. So far, I have tried using streaming.jar and giving my parser.pl as mapper as input to that jar file. I think that is not the way to do it :), but I was just trying if that would work. Also, I thought of using load function of Hive, but the missing column will create problem if I will specify regexserde in hive table.

I am lost in this now, if any one could guide me with this I would be thankful :)

Regards, Atul

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I also want to do the same thing, have you figured it out... any suggestions would be helpful, and also to add to that, if a line in the file has multiple values of x,y,z how would you club them? For example, if a line in a file has a b c d a b d a b c, I want to add a,b,c (2 times) under x,y,z in hive warehouse.. any idea on this?? –  user832475 Jul 6 '11 at 21:55

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I posted something a while ago to my blog a while ago. (Google "hive parse_url" should be in the top few)

I was parsing urls but in this case you will want to use str_to_map. str_to_map(arg1,arg2,arg3) arg1 => String to process arg2 => Key Value Pair separator arg3 => Key Value separator

str = "a=1 b=42 x=abc"

str_to_map(str," ","=")

The result of str_to_map will give you a map of 3 key value pairs.

str_to_map(str," ","=")["a"] will return "1"

str_to_map(str," ","=")["b"] will return "42"

INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE new_table_with_cols_x_y_z
(select params["x"], params["y"], params["z"] from
(select str_to_map(raw_line," ","=") as params from data) raw_line_from_data) final_data
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Anyone know if there is a "str_to_map" equivalent for Amazon's Elastic Map Reduce? "str_to_map" is not a defined function there. –  misterbee Feb 28 '12 at 21:03

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