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I am having issues with an html table that is overflowing it's parent container. I have setup a sample jsfiddle here to illustrate the problem.

How can I force both the header text and the table cell text to wrap in a way that it will fit in its container properly? I would prefer a css only method but am also open to using javascript (or jquery) if absolutely necessary. Thanks!

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From a purely "make it fit in the div" perspective, add the following to your table class (jsfiddle):

width: 100%;

See fixed table layout

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Problem is that this method makes all of the columns the same width, not exactly ideal –  Serj Sagan Jul 9 '13 at 1:27
@SerjSagan Yes, that's sort of the point of table-layout: fixed; it won't automatically adjust to contents. You can achieve a similar behavior with a combination of fixed-width columns and width:auto... but it's not perfect. –  canon Jul 9 '13 at 13:05
@SerjSagan here's an example with a few column widths specified. Also, holy crap... that fiddle has been edited over 200 times. –  canon Jul 9 '13 at 19:09

Add display: block; and overflow: auto; to .my-table. This will simply cut off anything past the 280px limit you enforced. There's no way to make it "look pretty" with that requirement due to words like pélagosthrough which are wider than 280px.

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Try adding

word-break: break-all 

to the CSS on your table element.

That will get the words in the table cells to break such that the table does not grow wider than its containing div, yet the table columns are still sized dynamically. jsfiddle demo.

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Well, given your constraints, I think setting overflow: scroll; on the .page div is probably your only option. 280 px is pretty narrow, and given your font size, word wrapping alone isn't going to do it. Some words are just long and can't be wrapped. You can either reduce your font size drastically or go with overflow: scroll.

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