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I need to setup a jQuery UI slider as an image scaler, yet I need to make sure that it is restricted on the low end to meet minimum size requirements.

Given that I know the following:

  • existing image dimensions
  • minimum width and height
  • all scales are to be proportional

... how do I calculate the minimum scale (as in a percentage) so that scale of the image meets the minimum width and height requirements?

Let me know if that wasn't clear, and I'll try to clarify.

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as you predicted it's not clear :) would be great if you give some numeric example –  Valipour Jul 6 '11 at 18:49

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var minWidth = 100,
   minHeight = 100,
    curWidth = 600,
   curHeight = 800,
        minW = minWidth / curWidth,
        minH = minHeight / curHeight 

    minScale = Math.max(minW, minH); // .1666666666
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