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I have an app that lists a bands shows in an unordered list on the home page.

 <% for show in @shows %>
     <strong><%= link_to show.venue, show %></strong><br />
     <%= display_date(show.show_date) %>
 <% end %>

There is a shows controller that handles creating the shows. It has rows in the database like venue, show_date, show_time, and so on. The home page of the app comes from a pages controller. The pages controller has two actions that create the home page and the about page.

class PagesController < ApplicationController 
  def home
    @shows = Show.find(:all, :order => :show_date)

  def about

The problem I'm having is that I only want the shows with a show_date greater than or equal to to be populated into the @shows instance variable that will in turn be populated into the unordered list. Any help writing a custom finder method would be greatly appreciated. Would it be easier to filter through the @shows variable using a helper method?

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Here's how to filter out dates (this uses Rails 3's newer where(...) syntax instead of find(:all...)).

@shows = Show.where("show_date >= ?",

Also, in your Show model you could add a named scope so you can reuse this in other places:

class Show < ActiveRecord::Base
  scope :upcoming, lambda { where("show_date >= ?", }

Then in your controller, you could just do:

@shows = Show.upcoming
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This is exactly what I needed and works beautifully! The scope is genius! Thanks Dylan – Grizlord Jul 6 '11 at 19:36

You can try this

Show.all(:order => 'show_date desc')

or in Rails 3

Show.order('show_date desc').all
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The ordering of the records is working fine I want to remove the shows with a date older than today's date so it won't list them in the unordered list. I don't want to remove them from the database just not list them. – Grizlord Jul 6 '11 at 19:04
sorry i've misunderstood – Joel AZEMAR Jul 6 '11 at 19:24
Not a problem Joel, thanks for your answer anyway! Dylan gave the perfect answer above. – Grizlord Jul 6 '11 at 19:39

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