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I accidentally ended up with a bunch of my directories getting borked, what should be:


ended up as:


Then nesting could be any where from 1 to N times - I need to find the furthest out /mydirectory and copy all of those files back to the root and kill the duped ones. How do I find the one that is furthest out?

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string[] dirs;
string actualDir = @"\myroot\";
string subdir = "mydirectory";

    dirs = System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories(actualDir, subdir);
    actualDir += subdir + @"\";
while (dirs.Length > 0);

string theLongestPath = actualDir; // The path to the furthest dir

This gets all directories in actualDir that contains subdir, until it's the last one (no other subdirectories containing subdir). If you have any questions on how it works, ask in a comment. And yeah, I've tried it, it really works.

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Well, I forgot to tell you, the Directory.GetDirectories(string path, string searchPatterns) will return also names of directories that contains subdir, but whose name is longer than that. If you really want to be sure that there's a subdirectory called mydirectory, and not only for example thisismydirectory, you'll have to go thru the dirs array and check one by one, which may be a bit complicated, ugh... – TomsonTom Jul 6 '11 at 19:59
nice, much cleaner than the recursive function call I ended up creating – Slee Jul 6 '11 at 20:46
Thanks. Could you accept the answer as noone else responded with anything better and this works? – TomsonTom Jul 7 '11 at 11:07

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