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How do I find out which control has focus in Windows Forms?

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Form.ActiveControl may be what you want.

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Just want to point out that if you have changed something (set a .Text property for example) it will return the control that you last used. including setting things like the .Text not always the control that has focus –  PsychoData Apr 7 '14 at 13:55

Note that a single call to ActiveControl is not enough when hierarchies are used. Imagine:

            TextBox (focused)

(formInstance).ActiveControl will return reference to TableLayoutPanel, not the TextBox

So use this (full disclosure: adapted from this C# answer)

  Function FindFocussedControl(ByVal ctr As Control) As Control
    Dim container As ContainerControl = TryCast(ctr, ContainerControl)
    Do While (container IsNot Nothing)
      ctr = container.ActiveControl
      container = TryCast(ctr, ContainerControl)
    Return ctr
  End Function
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In C# I do this:

        if (txtModelPN != this.ActiveControl)
            txtModelPN.BackColor = Color.White;

txtModelPN is a textbox that I am highlighting on enter and mouseEnter and de-highlighting on Leave,MouseLeave. Except if it is the current control I don't set the background back to white.

The VB equivalent would be like this

IF txtModelPN <> Me.ActiveControl Then
   txtModelPN.BackColor = Color.White
End If
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You can use this to find by Control Name .

    If DataGridView1.Name = Me.ActiveControl.Name Then
        TextBox1.Visible = True
        TextBox1.Visible = False
    End If
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You can use the ActiveControl propert of the form and can use that control.



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Something along these lines:

Protected Function GetFocusControl() As Control
    Dim focusControl As Control = Nothing

    ' Use this to get the Focused Control: 
    Dim focusHandle As IntPtr = GetFocus()
    If IntPtr.Zero.Equals(focusHandle) Then          
      focusControl = Control.FromHandle(focusHandle)
    End If

    ' Note that it returns NOTHING if there is not a .NET control with focus 
    Return focusControl
End Function

I think this code came from windowsclient.net, but it's been a while so...

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Please let me downvote the answer until you complete it. The call of GetFocus() hangs in nowhere and the answer in this form simply won't work. –  miroxlav Nov 10 '14 at 18:44

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