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I have another StackOverflow question on how to install and run a custom checkstyle. I've learned how to do this, and I will update that answer shortly with detailed instructions. Now I am having trouble customizing my check. Below is my code. The problem is I would like to see the fully qualified package as a string (e.g com.amir.foo) - but instead when I run getText() or just toString(), I get some obscure result ([checkstyle] package set to : ANNOTATIONS). Does anyone know how to work with this to achieve the desired results?

import com.puppycrawl.tools.checkstyle.api.*;

public class MyCheck extends Check

    FullIdent packageDeclaration;

    public int[] getDefaultTokens() {
        return new int[]{TokenTypes.PACKAGE_DEF};

    public void visitToken(DetailAST ast)

        switch(ast.getType()) {
            case TokenTypes.PACKAGE_DEF:
                System.out.println("got package!");


    private void visitPackage(DetailAST pack) {
        packageDeclaration = FullIdent.createFullIdentBelow(pack);
        System.out.println("package set to : " +packageDeclaration);
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What your looking for is used by the check for package names, you should use a code similar to the following:

public void visitToken(DetailAST aAST)
    final DetailAST nameAST = aAST.getLastChild().getPreviousSibling();
    final FullIdent full = FullIdent.createFullIdent(nameAST);
    final String package = full.getText();

    // do some fancy stuff with package name

For more details please refer to the source code of PackageNameCheck: http://checkstyle.hg.sourceforge.net/hgweb/checkstyle/checkstyle/file/cd352660c53a/src/checkstyle/com/puppycrawl/tools/checkstyle/checks/naming/PackageNameCheck.java

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Thank you for the quick response. Can you explain what this code is doing? Why do we getLastChild then getPreviousSibling? –  Amir Afghani Jul 6 '11 at 20:10
As a side note, this code will not compile because you're using the package keyword in the code. –  Amir Afghani Jul 6 '11 at 20:11

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