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I have a client that wants to move their users from MS-Access to a PHP/MySQL web application. The data has already been migrated to MySQL and, thankfully, there are no Access forms, just queries. What they want me to do is build some kind of querying framework where users can build queries, save them, filter/drill-down results, sort by any given column, and export to CSV (or native Excel, if possible). Some queries will include joins, but I don't think more than two (maybe three) tables.

I've started building this, but it's daunting and I'd rather not reinvent the wheel. I'm looking for suggestions on an existing open-source or freeware (budget it tight, natch) query designer framework or engine that I can either plug into my existing project, or is customizable enough that I can change colors and look/feel to match.

I've looked at Xataface, but it's querying seems a bit static and not very user-friendly for my purposes. (My users will be non-tech types that don't want to learn methods.)

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Try Navicat for MySql you will love it..

you can build queries there..

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That was my first thought, but the users are used to Access so they need something a little less techy with a bit more hand-holding. –  Michael Itzoe Mar 18 '09 at 21:48

Maybe you'd like to take a look at Flexigrid.

It's a JavaScript grid allowing you to filter data on the fly and page results, among other things.

If you use that, then the PHP part would be limited to making the JOINs; then user will be able to filter with that tool.

It's not as easy for noobs as building queries in Access, but it's free and fairly straightforward.

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The Query Browser might be close enough to an Access-like setup, that they wont have issues with it.

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I think that phpmyadmin is indeed a good base. You could then design a theme and customize it (simplify the interface, remove access to all "insert" links. if you are on a tight budget, that seems reasonable to me.

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I think you need to realise a reason why Access has been so popular for so long, and one of them is because it made this kind of thing easier than any other application. I think you will find it difficult to find a piece of open-source code that satisfies all your users even if you find some very good pieces of software. Even if you write it yourself I think it will cost your clients a lot of money and you your hair!

Rather I would suggest you try to pin down the most important features of the query building that your clients want and concentrate on those. Maybe they only need the query system for a particular set of data. Take a look at this to try to reduce your scope.

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