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I'm trying to find a really good example for implementing the MetaWeblog API using a WCF service. I can't seem to clear my head and think of a clean way to do this. Any help is appreciated.

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This seems to be a reasonable start, wfc-for-metaweblog.

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This is a complete WCF implementation of Metaweblog. Perhaps you should restate your questions if you aren't looking for a WCF/metaweblog implementation. – Scott May 28 '09 at 12:55

Not exactly WCF-related, but octalforty Syndication has a nice type-safe IMetaWeblogService definition and all related objects you can use as a base for your further studies.

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Thanks, not WCF, but might be useful. – Jason N. Gaylord May 27 '09 at 13:23

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