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my question involves the following partial view with a remote form:

 <% remote_form_for :phone_number, :url => {:controller => "edit", :action => "add_phone_number" }, :update => "phone_number_div" do |form| %>
	<%= form.text_field :number%>
	<%= form.select :type, PhoneNumber::PHONE_TYPE%>
	<%= submit_tag "Add" %>		
 <% end %>

When the Add button is pressed, the add_phone_number action is posted to, but the form values are not in the params variable.

Does anyone know why this could be?

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Most browsers won't pass the form values in the post if the form element is a child node in an illegal location in the DOM (like inside a TR, for example (and not in a TD).

I ran into this problem once.

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Was this actually the problem in your case? –  Gabe Hollombe Mar 23 '09 at 12:47
yes it was exactly the problem. Thank you –  stellard Mar 26 '09 at 2:19

You probably want to have some sort of method for the form.

<% remote_form_for :phone_number, :method => :post, :url => { :controller => "edit", :action => "add_phone_number" }, :update => "phone_number_div" do |form| %>

Not to be picky but if you are using remote_for_form you want to have a resource to use it with. So you would want to replace :phone_number with @phone_number an instance variable that you instantiated in your controller. This keeps the code a little nicer and it is also in keeping with the conventions of Rails.

Also for problems like these debugger is your friend

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