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I have a twisted webserver with TLS authentication, and it appears to hang when I connect to it over SMTP. Here is the block of twisted code to start the server:

(Note: certificateData is our private key and public key concatenated together, that appeared to be the only way to get a self signed certificate to work)

customFactory = CustomSMTPFactory(portal)
certificate = PrivateCertificate.loadPEM(certificateData)
contextFactory = certificate.options(certificate)
tlsFactory = TLSMemoryBIOFactory(contextFactory, False, customFactory)

a = service.Application("Custom Server")
internet.TCPServer(5870, tlsFactory).setServiceParent(a)

On the client, this line just hangs waiting to read data:


Any ideas? How do I setup TLS authentication on a twisted webserver?

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Your server starts TLS from the beginning of the connection. Try smtplib.SMTP_SSL instead, so your client expects this.

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Yep that would work. I solved me problem another way though- namely, the standard ESMTP protocol handles tls communication provided it is setup properly with private/public keys. So I do not need to wrap my factory in the TLS factory- it will negotiate the TLS comm once it is connected. Thanks though. –  Thatcher Jul 8 '11 at 4:52

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