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I would like to store a value that's inside the inner HTML of a span tag of id="ctl00_body_BatchEditor_LblBatchIdentifyingNumber" with the Selenium IDE. And then I want to take that variable and use the "type" command to place that value inside of an input field.

(1) I'm having trouble with the commands for this Test Case.

(2) I'd want to take this variable and use it in the same Test Case, and would also like to use it in a different Test Case. Is this possible?

Command to store variable:

Command: storeValue
Target: xpath=//span[@id='ctl00_body_BatchEditor_LblBatchIdentifyingNumber']
Value: batchId

Command to use the variable:

Command: type
Target: ctl00_body_QuickDataEntryEditor_TxtBatchId
Value: ${batchId}

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Figured this one out. When I used the "storeText" Accessor command rather than the "storeValue" Accessor command, the variable got stored and it worked.

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