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I'd like to declare a chain of responsibility using decorators in Ninject.

Has anyone done that before?


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I would just like to point out that chain of responsibility and decorators are different design patterns entirely, perhaps that is why you're having trouble getting answers to this question? – George Mauer Apr 14 '09 at 14:39

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In the new ninject 2.0 syntax you can accomplish this by the following newer syntax:


Just ran into this myself and found that was the way to do it as ForMembersOf has been removed in ninject 2.0

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Assuming I'm understanding the question properly, one approach is something like this:


The LoggingEmailSender class would have a constructor something like:

LoggingEmailSending(IEmailSender sender)

This should get you a decorator easily enough - just remember that without using attributes, you're kinda limited to a single constructor.

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