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I just published my first app on the market today and put my name under developer name instead of my company name which is what it should be. I then updated the developer name to be my company name but the change does not appear to get updated.

Does anyone know when can I expect to see the name change?

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Looking at a previous posted question it toke "some time" but it will be changed in all applications. Will change to "Developer Name" affect my existing apps in the Android Market

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If you're viewing the application profile from your phone, the Market application caches a lot of stuff about viewed profiles.

You can stop/kill or clear the cache of your Android Market app in your phone and see if the name change is reflected.



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If I view it from my phone it appears to be displayed correctly. It's the website that is NOT displaying the latest change. –  Byron Jul 6 '11 at 22:47

it's appear on your simulator correctly most probably cause simulator is looking at the american servers .. while the computer look at your country server :)

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