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I am very new to server side programming and NodeJS

I need to read a directory recursively to get the file name of each file in this directory ( an array of file names ( relative paths) should be returned)

I think it is some thing very common so I am hoping if someone can share the code. Or just tell me the right methods to call. Thanks

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answer is here

hope that helps

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Here is my first shot at it.

fs = require('fs');

function getDirectoryFiles(directory, callback) {
  fs.readdir(directory, function(err, files) {
      fs.stat(directory + '/' + file, function(err, stats) {
        if(stats.isFile()) {
          callback(directory + '/' + file);
        if(stats.isDirectory()) {
          getDirectoryFiles(directory + '/' + file, callback);

getDirectoryFiles('.', function(file_with_path) {

Of course instead of the console.log in the callback handling function you could push the values in a global array.

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check out loaddir https://npmjs.org/package/loaddir

npm install loaddir

  loaddir = require('loaddir')

  allJavascripts = []
    path: __dirname + '/public/javascripts',
    callback: function(){  allJavascripts.push(this.relativePath + this.baseName); }

You can use fileName instead of baseName if you need the extension as well.

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