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I'm using some css menu it's something like this:

The only difference is that he uses just simple links as a subnav, I'm using a <ul class="subnav"> for each topnav tabs.

I've created a css class .active and set it's attributes to the same as #topnav li:hover

When it's active, I want it to look the same as when it's hovered, also the subnav will be visible because both :hover and .active on the topnav items activate the display property of the subnav.

The problem is: When I already have a tab with the .active class and I hover the other tabs, their child subnavs will also have display:block..

I want a solution that doesn't rely entirely on javascript to navigate. But js can be used just for showing what's active, since it's not crucial for navigation..

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I don't understand what your problem is, but have a look at Stu Nicholls huge list of CSS menu examples. – feeela Jul 6 '11 at 22:23

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Sounds like your CSS rules just need to be split up. So instead of

.active, #topnav li:hover { rules here }

copy only the properties you want for .active and split it:

#topnav li:hover { rules here }
.active { subset of rules here }
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