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I've got a single route in my Global.asax.vb page like this...

Shared Sub RegisterRoutes(ByVal routes As RouteCollection)
    routes.MapRoute( _
        "IdOnly", _
        "{id}", _
        New With {.controller = "Page", _
                  .action = "Details", _
                  .id = "7"} _
End Sub

That id is for my home page. It's displayed when someone navigates to my:

But, this also works:

I'd like to have no links anywhere on my site to the address with id of 7. But, the Html.RouteLink() function generates those.

For a view Model that's a child of the home page…

<%=Html.RouteLink(Model.Parent.Title, _
                  "IdOnly", _
                  New With {.id = Model.Parent.Id})%>

…generates the following anchor tag:

<a href="/7">Home</a>

How can I override the href generated by the Html.RouteLink() function for my home page?

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Add a new route before your "IdOnly" route for the home page:

routes.MapRoute( _
    "HomePage", _
    "", _
    New With {.controller = "Page", _
              .action = "Details", _
              .id = "7"} _

RouteLink will use the first matched mapping in the routing table to generate the link.

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Elegant. Thank you. – Zack Peterson Mar 20 '09 at 15:07

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