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I have the following data structure for creating index. user userid username userstatus friends friendid friendstatus friendcreateddate

I think dynamic field wont work for me since I need to query based on specific field names.

I have search based on friendstatus and friendcreateddate. Can someone advise me on best possible document structure?

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That is a very simple data structure. You just need to look at an example schema.xml and put your own field definitions in there. A field like "friends" would be declared as multiValued="true" and the userid would be tagged <uniqueKey>

Follow this guide and ignore complicated stuff like dynamic fields which you probably don't need.

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Hi Michael, Thanks for the help. I am doing the same now. I have created a multivalued field for friends. The friends info is created as a string by concatinating with :: . eg. id::status::createddate::updateddate. Here my friends's search based on status works fine. But I need to develop query for retrieving records based on updated date in descending order. Any suggestion on this? – Radh Jul 11 '11 at 17:26

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