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Sorry about the poorly articulated title, I couldn't think of a title that would suffice without explaination.

I have a graph with an x axis with an irrelevant scale. What I want to do is have a second x-axis, which I know is possible, that is scaled strangely.

The second axis is not used in plotting anything, I just need the top values to align with the axis that "matters." Let's say that my axis is devided into 10 different tics, going from 0 - 1000.


I would like the second x-axis to do this(heres the tricky part):


What I was thinking was having the values actually be 0-1000 as well, but have the label be different (having "0" as a label for 0,100,...,700 and then "100" , "200" , "500" as labels for their respective values.

I know it's possible in histograms, but I'm not dealing with histograms.


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Perhaps you are looking for this:

set x2range [0:1000]
set x2tics("0" 0, "0" 100, "0" 200, "0" 300, "0" 400, "0" 500, "0" 600, "0" 700, "100" 800, "200" 900, "500" 1000)
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Yes, this exactly! – Joshua Jul 7 '11 at 14:12

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