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I use Chrome web inspector to inspect all variables.

When I hover my mouse over a variable a yellow popup box appears and I can see what that variable is referencing to.

Sometimes it's an object that has a lot of keys. Is there a way to make this yellow box larger?

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I wonder, does "add watch" to the right do what you want? – Koterpillar Jul 6 '11 at 23:36

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You can run chrome with your own custom dev tools

In short,

  1. Download
  2. Extract the files (possibly to C:\src\chrome\devtools_frontend)
  3. Open Popover.js
  4. Find the line where it says:

    preferredWidth = Math.max(preferredWidth, 50);

    and replace it with

    preferredWidth = Math.max(preferredWidth, 500);
    preferredHeight = Math.max(preferredHeight, 500);

    this will make the minimum size of the popover 500px X 500px

  5. Run chrome with your custome devtools:

    chrome.exe --debug-devtools-frontend=C:\src\chrome\devtools_frontend

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