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i am trying to use gigya auth properties to login users on my website. They have a function that needs to be called after i authenticate the credentials as seen in this illustration

I have a form and when i submit the form i send it to login.php where i authenticate my users. My question is how do i call socialize.notifyLogin?.

this is the javascript:

<script type="text/javascript"> var conf = { APIKey:'2_9E9r_ojXEqzZJqKk7mRqvs81LtiSvUmBcm' }; </script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var secret = 'eIqtclW2CxC6qvmT55MvOxZ5Rm7V5JhBV/gioJLKIxM=';
var yourSiteUid= '<?php echo $talentnum;?>'; // siteUID should be retrieved from your user management system

function your_b64_hmac_sha1(secret, datePlusSite) { 
var b64Sig = ''; // Place your implementation here ... 
return b64Sig; 

function printResponse(response) {
if ( response.errorCode == 0 ) {
    alert('After notifyLogin');    

var dateStr = getCurrentTime();  
var datePlusSite = dateStr + "_" + yourSiteUid;
var yourSig = your_b64_hmac_sha1(secret, datePlusSite);

var params={


to be more clear i set the $talentnum; inside my login.php. so i have the form i send it ti the login.php and a redirect page... Where the call to socialize.notifyLogin will be?

thanks, any idea helps

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You have two options:

If you call login.php as the target of an HTML form, you should redirect the user to a new HTML page upon successful login. This new HTML page should contain the socialize.notifyLogin call.

If you call login.php via an AJAX request, you should call socialize.notifyLogin in the "success" callback of the AJAX request.

In no case, however, will you be able to execute the Javascript function directly from your PHP script. PHP executes on the server before the Javascript is sent to the user as output with your HTML document, and therefore cannot execute Javascript functions directly.

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for the first option.. you place the code inside an window.onload = function(){} or just in the page?? –  Patrioticcow Jul 6 '11 at 23:55
@Patrioticcow: It depends on what is returned by the call. Does the notifyLogin call change something on your page, or does it just ping the external service? In the first case, you will want to execute it when the page has loaded (onload). In the second, it doesn't matter. –  George Cummins Jul 6 '11 at 23:59
actually the gigya.services.socialize.notifyLogin(conf,params); sends some values to the gigya servers. and i would like to see the response function say something: function printResponse(response) { if ( response.errorCode == 0 ) { alert('After notifyLogin'); } } –  Patrioticcow Jul 7 '11 at 0:02
Since you want output, you will want to execute the call after the page has fully loaded by using the onload event. –  George Cummins Jul 7 '11 at 0:07

PHP is executed before the page loads, therefore you cannot call a JavaScript function from PHP.

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