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I'm trying to remove everything from a string but just numbers (0-9).

I thought this would work..

echo preg_replace("[^0-9]","",'604-619-5135');

But it echos "604-619-5135". What am I missing???

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Try this:


preg_replace uses PCREs which generally start and end with a /.

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The inner/double quoting doesn't have anything to do with PCRE tho. Apparently (in the days before (?flags)) the people who designed/wrote the function/API thought it was a good idea to pass the regex flags with the double quoted /flags form instead of using an extra function parameter. – Qtax Jul 7 '11 at 0:28
@Qtax: good point, yeah I know that's where we get the word "grep" from ("g/re/p") – Chris Jul 7 '11 at 0:39
Best answer. working perfect – YumYumYum Jun 9 '15 at 3:08

I believe you need to enclose your express with the /

echo preg_replace("/[^0-9]/","",'604-619-5135');
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This is for future developers, you can also try this. Simple too

echo preg_replace('/\D/', '', '604-619-5135');
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This is simpler and cleaner than the accepted answer. +1 – Abraham Jun 25 '14 at 21:10
This should be updated to the accepted answer. +1 – Andrew Ellis 20 hours ago

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