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User A commited and pushed File A to the repo incrementing the version to 10. In the meantime, User B commited File B and started pushing out to the repo. User B got a message about 'pushing changes will create a new head, merge when possible'. User B did not know what to do at that time.

User B is me. What should I have done? I just freaked out and re-cloned the repo. My local copy was at version 9 at the time of my commit. So I wanted to update mine to 10 and then push mine out.

I am using Mercurial Hg.


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Read HgInit. :) –  Joel B Fant Jul 7 '11 at 2:52
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You have to pull changes and merge them (In details you can read about it here: http://hginit.com/04.html)

Also - don't refer to revision number, it makes sense only for single repository. As long as you have several copies of the one - the better is to refer to the commit by its hash.

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