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I would like to copy a directory of files from a remote server. As it is a large number of files, the option of ignoring existing files on the destination server is desirable. Unfortunately, rsync is not available for some reason (the remote server is from a CDN service, and beyond my control). So I think I am stuck using scp -r on the folder in question.

Is there anyway of doing this with ignoring existing files?


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You could also create a *.tar.gz or *.tar.bz2 archive, scp it, and then unpack it. I don't know if scp -r uses any compression. If not, compressing everything first might, potentially, make it faster.

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ssh can compress the data as it is transmitted, just use the -C switch. – salva Jul 7 '11 at 8:28

It's easy to write an script in Perl to do that using the module Net::SFTP::Foreign:


use Net::SFTP::Foreign;
my $sftp = Net::SFTP::Foreign->new('user@host');
$sftp->rget('/remote/path', '/local/path',
             resume => 'auto',
             on_error => sub { my ($sftp, $e) = @_;
                               warn "error processing $e->{filename}: "
                                    . $sftp->error;
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