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How would I track the CPU and Ram usage for a process that may run, stop, and then re-run with a different PID?

I am looking to track this information for all processes on a Linux server but the problem is when the process stops and restarts, it will have a different PID and I am not sure how to identify it as the same process.

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What you're looking for here is called "process accounting".

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If you know the command of the process, just pipe it to a grep like this:

ps ux | grep yourcommandgoeshere
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I want to be able to track all processes for all users. What if two users are running a program with the same name? – Jared Jul 7 '11 at 17:32
In this case the command will return both processes. Just play around with ps, it can be adapted in many ways: – Bjoern Jul 7 '11 at 18:09

You can setup a crontab to record output of commands like

  1. top -b -n1 | grep
  2. ps ux | grep

Alternatively, you can use sealion service. By simply installing agent and configuring it according to your needs in simple steps, you can see output of the executed commands online.

Hope it helps...

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