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I'm getting an access violation when trying to use std::cin. I'm using a char* and it's not allowing me to input my data.

void Input(){
    char* _input = "";
    std::cin >> _input; //Error appears when this is reached..
    std::cout << _input;
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Try this:

char _input[1024];
std::cin >> _input;
std::cout << _input;

Or better:

std::string _input;
std::cin >> _input;
std::cout << _input;
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char* _input = ""; // note: it's deprecated; should have been "const char*"

_input is pointer pointing to a string literal. Inputting into it is an undefined behavior. Either use

char _input[SIZE]; // SIZE declared by you to hold the enough characters


std::string _input;
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You didn't provide a buffer for cin to store the data into.

operator>>(std::istream&, std::string) will allocate storage for the string being read, but you're using operator>>(std::istream&, char*) which writes to a caller-provided buffer, and you didn't provide a writable buffer (string literals are not writable), so you got an access violation.

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