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Does any other browsers(non webkit) have a alternative to Webkit speech input. Currently i think chrome only supports this or does Safari also supports this.

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I think this feature is only implemented in Chrome for Win/Mac/Android. That's because it's invented by Google and relies on Google's server to do the voice recognition. Any other browsers who want to implement this feature need to acquire voice recognition technology or work with a partner who has this technology. Thus I don't think this feature will be widely implemented in the near future.

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Chrome is the only desktop browser I'm aware of which currently implements speech input. Might also work in the Android browser, but I'm not sure. It's definitely not implemented in Safari.

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This officially works in Chrome only. However, I made a tweak which enables x-webkit-speech for Safari on iPhone (iOS): http://github.com/H2CO3/x-webkit-speech

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