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I am making a report in ssrs.I am sending a multi value parameter(comma separted) called @partnerAlias in a report query. Depending on whether the parameter(@PartnerAlias) contains a particular value called 'none' or not, my query will change.How can i find whether a particular value is there in multivalue parameter using SQL so that i can put condition in query. I am new to SQL

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Multi-valued parameters in Reporting Services work just like subqueries, so you can do this sort of thing:

FROM ...
WHERE 'none' IN (@partnerAlias)

Likewise the IN (@partnerAlias) clause could be in an IF statement outside of the query:

IF 'none' IN (@partnerAlias)
    SELECT ...
    SELECT ...
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Thanks @Matt. I am able to get my query working. I am only hoping for some optimisation so that I don't end up writting the entire select statements over again. Let me explain my scenario in this fashion. What I try to achieve is Select * from Table1 join Table2 on(condition) leftJoin Table 3 on (condition) Now IF 'none' in (@partnerAlias) (where myStatement1) else (where myStatement2) group by () orderby () Will it be feasible to put a CASE on the multivalue parameter 'partnerAlias' to prevent duplicacy of the statements with IF –  avi Jul 7 '11 at 10:47
How about: WHERE ('none' IN (@partnerAlias) AND <condition>) OR ('none' NOT IN (@partnerAlias) AND <other-condition>) –  Matt Hamilton Jul 7 '11 at 10:51
Thanks Matt.That will help. :) –  avi Jul 8 '11 at 9:48

you can do it like this:

Select * 
from Table1 
join Table2 on(condition) 
left Join Table 3 on (condition) and (('none' in(@partnerAlias) and myStatement1) or  ('none' not in(@partnerAlias) and myStatement2))
group by ()
orderby ()
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