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i'm working in SVN commands using Ant, and i face a problem that i can't list all the deleted files from the repository .... here is the code to show all the changes that have been done in the project ....

<target name ="change">
    <svn username="username" password="password">
    <log path="D:\url\to\the\file" destFile="changes.txt" asXml="false"/>

it using this file, but i want to know how i can insert an argument

i manage to get that data using the command prompt here is the command

svn log -v --xml D:\url\to\the\file | grep 'action="D"'

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You can use the <exec> task to execute svn log -v --xml D:\url\to\the\file | grep 'action="D"' and get what you need. Or you have to extend / modify the svn task yourself.

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